Around Town



If your organization is hosting an event that benefits the community of Clairmont, please email us, and we will post details here for you.









A fantastic way to end 2018, giving back to our community. 

The Clairmont Ag Society Christmas Craft Show vendors were very generous with their food bank donations this year. 

Thank you for your spirit of caring and giving!







The Ag Society braved the cold and went carolling around the neighborhood on Sunday, December 23rd, did any of you see us?   We wrapped up our evening with a stop at the Senior Living Residence and sang songs and shared hot chocolate.  A wonderful way to spend the evening and share some cheer.  We even had a few locals in the community board our wagon and join us for the sing along!  The more the merrier, and the holidays is about bringing the community together.  from us to you, Happy 2019 everyone!